CCERAP Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse

Most states have mandatory reporting of elder abuse. Colorado does not.

Colorado remains one of four states that do not require social workers, doctors, and other professionals to report suspected elder abuse to police or adult protective services. Earlier legislation pertaining to mandatory reporting of elder abuse has been debated but failed due to a lack of funding, particularly at the county level. However, Colorado’s 2012 General Assembly passed Senate Bill 12-078, allowing for the formation of an Elder Abuse Task Force to study the issue and to prepare recommendations for legislators to consider during the 2013 General Assembly.

The purpose of the 17-member Task Force is “to study the problem of mistreatment and exploitation of at-risk elderly adults in Colorado and prepare recommendations for the consideration of the General Assembly, including but not limited to recommendations concerning how to require certain persons, on and after September 1, 2013, to report known or suspected mistreatment or exploitation of at-risk elderly adults.” The Task Force is required to deliver a formal report no later than December 1, 2012.
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