Healthcare Fraud Tip Sheet

Healthcare Fraud Tip Sheet

Scammers use many marketing ploys to try to trick you. These products are offered over the Internet with websites describing miracle cures and emails telling stories of overnight magic.

They all have one thing in common

They promise instant relief and give you a “money back guarantee” if you don’t like the product. The scams might promise anti-aging medications, lotions for advanced arthritis, or even cancer cures.

RED FLAGS that it might be a Scam

  • Be suspicious of claims of quick relief or healing that don’t sound logical, such as “lose weight while you sleep” or “the tumor will be gone overnight”.
  • Be skeptical of ads that claim to cure chronic conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.
  • Be wary when you are pushed to make a decision immediately.
  • Ask questions, and if you don’t get answers that you understand, just say “no”.
Tips to Protect Yourself

Talk with your doctor before you try it or buy it.

  • Remember that “natural” doesn’t mean either safe or effective; there are many natural substances
    that shouldn’t be ingested.
  • A money-back guarantee isn’t proof that a product works.
  • Confirm the online seller’s physical address.
  • Check with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) where the seller is based to see if there are reports against the company.