Caregiver Briefcase for Psychologists

Caregiver Briefcase for Psychologists

Welcome to the Caregiver Briefcase

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Caregiving responsibilities will touch almost all of us at some point in our lives. With an aging population and with many caring for ill and disabled children and young adults, an increasing number of people are family caregivers.

The APA Family Caregiver Briefcase is a user-friendly, online resource to help psychologists and other health and social service professionals assist family caregivers through individual and organizational practice, research, teaching and community service. Family caregivers will also find useful information in the resources section of the briefcase.

This Briefcase provides useful and practical information, tools and resources about:

  • How caregiving affects all of us.
  • Facts about family caregiving.
  • Common caregiving problems.
  • How to identify and reach caregivers.
  • Roles psychologists have in working with family caregivers.
  • Assessment tools and effective interventions.
  • Conducting caregiver research.
  • Educating and teaching about caregiving.
  • Advocating for family caregivers.
  • Resources for diverse populations and age groups.

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